Quantifyle is Digitteria’s quantified living app that helps people use their personal data to improve their health while earning insurance rebates and personalised rewards for doing so.  Quantifyle lets people share exercise, diet and health data from wearable devices and private records with insurers in a safe and secure way that they control in exchange for cash incentives, useful rewards and tailored life and health insurance.

Quantifyle is designed to give people professional medical, fitness, diet and wellbeing guidance on the best ways to stay healthy that suit their personality and lifestyle from vetted panels of specialists via their smart phones, while providing compelling motivators to encourage them to meet their goals.  Quantifyle combines tailored plans with cash rebates and personalised rewards to create powerful motivators to help people improve their wellbeing.

Quantifyle is underpinned by Digitteria’s Kybe Personal Information Management System which provides an industry leading, consent-driven security framework that puts ‘private-by-design’ controls around people’s data. Quantifyle gives people a powerful tool with which to monitor, manage and improve their wellbeing while being rewarded for doing so in a safe, private and useful way that they control.