KybeThe power of your data in your hands

Kybe is Digitteria’s Personal Information Management System (PIMS) aimed at people who want make their data work for them to serve their needs. It brings people experiences and services that are valuable to them on their terms as opposed to on the terms of third parties.

Kybe gives people a single, intuitive tool with which to collect, organise and share their information on their terms. It uses artificial and social intelligence along with proprietary, context-aware security that is private-by-design to turn disparate bits of data into useful groups of information called KybeClusters™.  These clusters, which are shaped according to needs, can then be shared with organisations or third parties to solve problems and deliver services to people while giving them control of their data flows.

Organisations are only able to access KybeClusters™ with the consent of the data owners, i.e. you and are contractually bound to use this data in line with the principles of The Internet Foundation’s Clean Data Charter, a framework outlining how businesses should use people’s personal data in a responsible and sustainable manner.