SUS5We believe that responsible personal data usage will become a key sustainability issue for enterprises in the next few years and that responsible identity data management will soon be recognised as a key Environmental Social Governance (ESG) issue with which organisations will need to comply.

Digital rights advocacy groups are raising awareness of privacy issues and initiatives such as The Brussels Privacy Declaration call for new rules on data protection where citizens are at the center of personal data control. People now realise that some organisations are using their data for financial gain and are increasingly concerned over the collection and inappropriate use of identity and other private data. Though often justified as the ‘price’ of free-to-use services, attitudes are changing.

Marketers face increased scrutiny on how they capture and apply data as legislators around the world are waking up to the need to adopt new statutory frameworks (or to reform existing ones) to respect individuals’ privacy – both in the interests of protecting their citizens but also, with the digital economy becoming ever more important, in order to attract businesses looking for ‘safe’ countries to house their data processing operations.  As of year end 2013, there were close to 100 countries with data protection laws on their statute books, with several more joining in 2014.  The Internet of Things has highlighted the challenges of user consent in an everything-connected world and the exponential growth of cloud technologies continue to push regulators to appreciate the risks and exposure that accompany these technologies.

A Europe-wide study assessing the level of concern about the use of personal data, Eurobarometer put consumer concern at 70%. A representative survey of European consumers in August 2012 showed 88% of people online consider at least one industry or sector a threat to their privacy. 79% said companies should be more transparent about using personal data.  The stakes are rising in the personal data space and companies that get it wrong face major consumer backlashes.  Digitteria’s products provide solutions that meet the complex needs of consumers, citizens, enterprises and regulators alike.