Big data is exposing us to huge opportunities and threats. Beyond its sheer volume, data is becoming a new type of asset class. However, many citizens regard the collection and use of their personal information with deep suspicion, seeing it as intruding on their privacy and fundamental rights. On the other hand strong evidence suggests that our data can play a significant role in not only improving our lives and wellbeing but also in boosting private commerce and national economies.

Digitteria has designed advanced solutions to address the growing use of personal information online with models that put people at the heart of managing the use of their data. Digitteria’s products allow people to protect and share their information with third parties on their own terms, at their own pace and in manners with which they are comfortable.

Digitteria’s solutions go beyond the current state of the art, providing users and enterprises with easy to use, ever-present, user-centric personal information management products that decentralise and equitably distribute the power of personal information, in contrast to the monolith-centric models currently pervasive. Digitteria's solutions perfectly balance convenience with control, consent with choice and privacy with usefulness bringing unprecedented power, freedom and value to both individuals and enterprises.


Digitteria believes that a personal data ecosystem that balances the often opposing needs of privacy and convenience, identification and anonymity with those of control and openness is urgently needed for the internet to evolve and serve society in a sustainable and prosperous way. As such our products and services are underpinned by three fundamental principles:

Sustainability Sustainability

We believe that responsible personal data usage will become a key Environmental Social Governance (ESG) sustainability issue for organisations going forward.

Clean Data Clean Data

We envision a new generation of services which embed privacy as a core value. In this ‘Clean Data’ model data is ‘cleansed’ by filters of user permission and consent.

Digital Human Rights Digital Human Rights

We believe there are inalienable rights attached to personal information that should be respected by enterprises and Governments in the digital domain.


If data is the oil of the twenty-first century then Digittteria is building a “Clean Data” ecosystem analogous to that of “Clean Energy”.
This ecosystem is underpinned by strategic partnerships, progressive investors and our sister NGO The Internet Foundation (IF).


We work with progressive partners at the forefront of the industry to establish disruptive relationships that will positively impact society and last the test of time.

- Partnerships
Impact Investement

Digitteria is a Social Enterprise aiming to democratize personal data management and provide an enduring foundation for Impact Investment

- Impact Investement
The Internet Foundation (IF)

The Internet Foundation is Digitteria Ltd’s sister NGO advocating for a Clean Data Charter as a commercial extension of a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights.

- The Internet Foundation (IF)

Digiterria brings a disruptive suite of products underpinned by pioneering thought leadership to the personal information and identity management sector.

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